Cold Mountain: hiking the Art Loeb Trail from Daniel Boone Boy Scout Camp

Hike the Art Loeb Trail from the Daniel Boone Boy Scout Camp in North Carolina's Shining Rock Wilderness, climbing to stunning summit views from the Cold Mountain summit.


Rising high above the surrounding Shining Rock Wilderness, Cold Mountain’s rugged, mostly-vegetated summit offers some exceptional views. At 6,030 feet, Cold Mountain is the tallest of five mountains in the Shining Rock Wilderness that peak over 6,000 feet, and the mountain’s lofty elevation offers a usually-cool climate on even the hottest summertime days.

Hike the Art Loeb Trail to stunning views from the summit of Cold Mountain, south of Asheville, NCAbove: hike the Art Loeb Trail and the Cold Mountain Trail to gorgeous summit views south of Asheville

This hike to Cold Mountain, the shortest-length route to the summit, is anything but easy. The Art Loeb Trail bags nearly 3,000 feet of elevation gain in a nearly unrelenting climb from the Daniel Boone Boy Scout Camp south of Asheville. It’s a difficult hike, trekking often-unmarked trails in a remote wilderness, so we highly recommend hiking with a quality topographic map, compass and handheld GPS.

But the summit views are well worth the difficulty, and the hike itself is a scenic one, trekking through a lush, green swash of the Pisgah National Forest.

Art Loeb Trail to Cold Mountain: the hike

The hike departs on the Art Loeb trailhead at the southern end of the Daniel Boone Boy Scout Camp (view maps and driving directions), catching views of the tumbling Little East Fork Pigeon River beside the trailhead parking area. The forest is lush and vibrantly green: deciduous trees tower overhead, shading moss-covered boulders and leathery-leafed rhododendron.

Hike to Cold Mountain from the lush forest at the Daniel Boone Boy Scout Camp south of Asheville

The hike climbs from the trailhead, the river’s tumbling cascades amplifying through the forest, following the Art Loeb Trail’s rocky and rooty course. The trail switches back to the south, and then arcs northbound, passing enormous, moss-covered rock outcrops and tunneling through the shady forest.

The trail dives through a grove of rhododendron and mountain laurel at 1 mile, veering east and passing a small campsite. The hike climbs a rustic wooden stairway, and then begins following an old, gravel road bed at 1.5 miles. Dipping elevation briefly, the Art Loeb Trail crosses a shaded, trickling stream at 1.9 miles.

Hike the Art Loeb Trail and Cold Mountain Trail through the lush, green Shining Rock Wilderness

The hike resumes its climb to Cold Mountain, crossing a creek at 2.25 miles and tunneling through dense mountain laurel. The trail passes a campsite at 2.35 miles, and the climb intensifies as the Art Loeb Trail carves through switchbacks in the rocky, leafy, lush forest.

Hike through a lush forest to the Cold Mountain summit near Asheville, NC

The trail passes a small, trickling spring before reaching a grassy clearing, Deep Gap, at 3.6 miles. Campsites speckle the forest floor throughout the gap. From here, the Art Loeb Trail veers southbound, trekking to the brilliant white, quartz-crusted summit of Shining Rock Mountain. This hike hangs a left from the gap, hiking northeast on a spur to continue the climb to the Cold Mountain summit.

The Cold Mountain Trail dives through a dense grove of rhododendron, trekking through a rugged, rocky forest. The elevation gain racks up quickly, the workout intensifying, as the hike begins to score through-the-trees views at 4 miles. Tall wildflowers blow in the ample summit breezes, stretching high to catch the dappled sunlight beneath the forest canopy. The trail climbs through dense rhododendron and laurel thickets, switching back sharply at 4.5 miles and passing a grassy campsite. Wild blueberries and gnarly-branched laurel crowd the trail in the final stretch to the summit.

Hike to exceptional views of the Shining Rock Wilderness from the summit of Cold Mountain

Just after passing a campsite, the spur trail reaches the Cold Mountain summit, where large slab rock outcrops offer exceptional views of Cold Mountain’s opposing ridge. A vintage US Geological Survey marker marks the mountain’s true summit.

Hike the Art Loeb Trail to the summit of Cold Mountain near Asheville, North Carolina

The peak’s gorgeous views beg for a rest at the sun-drenched summit, and make a great spot for a mid-hike water and snack break (and some well-deserved downtime). After soaking up some summit solitude, the hike turns to follow its outbound trek in reverse, enjoying the mostly-downhill return to the trailhead. The hike veers westbound at Deep Gap, descending the Art Loeb Trail to the Daniel Boone Boy Scout Camp. The trail reaches the trailhead at 10 miles, completing the hike.


Cold Mountain on the Art Loeb Trail: Directions & Details


Free parking is available in designated areas in the Daniel Boone Boy Scout Camp. Please follow all posted regulations and instructions at the trailhead and on the USFS website.

Please Remember

Always leave no trace and follow these trail etiquette tips.

GPS Coordinates

35.387025, -82.895856     //     N35 23.221 W82 53.752

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Elevation Profile

Cold Mountain via the Art Loeb Trail: Elevation Profile

Cold Mountain on the Art Loeb Trail Map

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