Asheville Trails is a collection of western North Carolina's best hiking, backpacking, walking and running trails

Asheville Trails – Western North Carolina’s best hikes and outdoor adventures

Asheville Trails is an online magazine that highlights western North Carolina's best hiking, running and backpacking trails.

Asheville Trails was founded by a group of avid outdoor enthusiasts: hikers, bikers, paddlers, runners, cyclists and backpackers. We simply love the outdoors – and we love the rolling, green beauty of the South.

We’ve been publishing Atlanta Trails since 2011, delivering the best, most accurately written trail reviews and curated outdoor experiences throughout Georgia. We’re excited to do it again – and there’s no other Southern city that we love more than Asheville.

The best trails in the South

From urban trails in and near Asheville to remote stretches of the Pisgah National Forest, and from the towering heights of Mount Mitchell to the deep, waterfall-filled valleys at DuPont State Forest, Asheville Trails highlights our carefully curated, favorite trails in Asheville and throughout western North Carolina.

South of the North Carolina line, we deliver more than 200 of Georgia’s top trail experiences on Atlanta Trails, with great hiking and backpacking experiences from the Appalachian Trail to the sandy beaches of Cumberland Island, where wild horses run free amidst ruins of Carnegie family mansions.

As we continue to grow our network of curated outdoor adventures throughout the South, we’ll continue to deliver them with a promise of quality: only the best experiences, the most inspiring content, and the info you need to get prepped for the trail and to the trailhead, quickly. Our trail reviews include detailed info from our trail adventures, professional photography, trail maps, elevation profiles, driving directions and helpful tips to help you get the most out of every adventure. Each trail on our growing collection of sites is mapped, measured, profiled and photographed by our team.

North Carolina hiking trails, backpacking trails and running trails near Asheville and throughout western NC

Our favorite outdoor gear

To help inspire your own packing lists, our trail reviews feature the gear we wore and took with us on each trail. We also publish detailed outdoor gear reviews that highlight our favorite, trail-tested hiking, backpacking, camping and running gear. Our hiking gear list, backpacking gear list, and camping gear list highlight our favorite day hiking, backpacking and camping gear for our adventures throughout the South. We also update our outdoor gear gift guides seasonally with our hand-picked favorite gear.

Our crew

Eric Champlin

Founder & Editor

Eric is a freelance creative director, photographer and writer who has loved hiking, kayaking, running and backpacking the South’s stunning landscapes since moving to Atlanta in 1999. Disappointed by the lack of accessible, accurate and inspirational Georgia trail content, Eric began publishing Atlanta Trails to highlight the best Georgia hikes, running trails and backpacking adventures. He recently began publishing Asheville Trails in August of 2015 to highlight his adventures north of the North Carolina border. His mission? To inspire others to get fit outdoors and explore the South’s incredible scenic beauty. Eric is a member of the Georgia Trail Summit, Professional Photographers of America, the American Hiking Society, and Leave No Trace.


Ambassador Retriever

Jake is a three-year-old labrador retriever, a rescue dog, and a bundle of trail-loving energy. Jake is Eric’s hiking, backpacking and running buddy, and loves to swim, sniff, stalk squirrels and beg for treats. Jake is a proud TurboPUP brand ambassador.
Asheville Trails crew Eric Champlin and Jake on the Appalachian Trail

Rob Sollie


Rob Sollie fell in love with the outdoors while growing up in Montana near Glacier National Park. Since he moved to Atlanta in 2001, he’s been on a mission to find great outdoor adventures in the South. Rob loves hiking, camping, cycling and paddling, and counts Black Balsam Knob on the Art Loeb Trail and Craggy Pinnacle Trail on the Blue Ridge Parkway as two of his favorite trails near Asheville.
Rob Sollie, Asheville Trails Editor, on the Jacks River Falls Trail


Our audience and reach

Our readers inspire us to keep blazing the trail we’re on. They fill our inboxes with stories of adventure, stories of engagement proposals on mountaintops at sunset, stories of weight loss and stories of friendships and memories made on the trail.

Asheville Trails is a fast-growing community of hikers, runners, and backpackers. They’re a diverse group with one thing in common: a love of the outdoors. They’re old, they’re young. They’re beginning hikers and runners with zero experience, and they’re decades-long trail veterans and experts. They’re runners, hikers, Appalachian Trail backpackers, families with children, families with dogs, cyclists, paddlers, and outdoor photographers.

We engage our readers via social media on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, G+ and Instagram.

2016 site traffic + social media: Atlanta Trails & Asheville Trails

In 2016, we more than doubled our social media followers, nearly tripled the social media use of our branded hashtags, and substantially increased our Atlanta Trails and Asheville Trails site traffic year over year.

Atlanta Trails and Asheville Trails: 2016 traffic and social media stats

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