Hike the Grandfather Mountain Profile Trail to Calloway Peak, catching some of North Carolina's best summit views Grandfather Mountain

Grandfather Mountain Profile Trail: hiking to Calloway Peak

Hike the Grandfather Mountain Profile Trail to Profile View, the mountain's famous face-like profile, and climb a rocky, boulder-filled ascent to stunning views from Watauga View and Calloway Peak on the Grandfather Mountain ridge.

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6.2 miles
(round trip)
for dogs

LOCATION:Grandfather Mountain, near the Blue Ridge Parkway (maps & directions)


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Grandfather Mountain’s imposing ridgeline rises high from North Carolina’s mountainous landscape, carving high into the sky along a spine of four towering mountain peaks. It’s one of the most prominent, easily recognizable views from the Blue Ridge Parkway, and dominates the horizon on the Appalachian Trail at Roan Mountain.

Some adventures at this well-loved North Carolina State Park carry the price of park admission, like the famous ‘Mile High Swinging Bridge‘. But one of our favorite hikes at Grandfather Mountain summits the mountain via a fee-free access trail, the Profile Trail. It’s a challenging hike, without a doubt. But the Profile Trail is an incredibly rewarding one, scoring incredible views of the mountain’s face-like profile at Profile View, ascending through a rocky, wildflower and hardwood-filled forest, and scrambling over a boulder-filled fir forest to exceptional views. The trail summits Calloway Peak, the highest mountain on the Grandfather ridge.

Hike the Grandfather Mountain Profile Trail to stunning views from Calloway Peak near Boone, NCAbove: hike the Grandfather Mountain Profile Trail to these stunning views from Calloway Peak

The views are outstanding. The forest is scenic. And the trail is exceptionally well-designed and built, making for a fun, though challenging, hike. It’s easily one of our favorite hikes near Boone, Banner Elk and Blowing Rock – and one of our all-time favorites in western North Carolina. Up for the adventure? Hike carefully and watch the weather: Grandfather Mountain is known to host quickly-changing, severe weather, so be prepared to leave the backcountry quickly and safely if harsh weather rolls in.

Grandfather Mountain Profile Trail to Calloway Peak: the hike

The adventure begins at the Grandfather Mountain Profile Trail parking area and trailhead, located off Highway 105 south of Boone (view maps and driving directions). While the parking and trail access is free from the Profile trailhead, permits are required, and available (for free) at the trailhead’s shelter. The hike dives into a shady, hardwood forest alongside the Watauga River, following orange diamond trail blazes. The trail crosses the clear, shallow river by stepping stones, following the river downstream and crossing a small tributary.

Hike the Grandfather Mountain Profile Trail across the shallow Watauga River before climbing to a view-packed ridge at Calloway Peak near Banner Elk, NC

Gnarly-branched rhododendron line the river’s banks, a colorful display of blooms in late spring. The trail carves through switchbacks at .25 mile, arcing eastbound away from the river and climbing above the river valley.

The Profile Trail rolls elevation, meandering through a deciduous forest of hardwoods, vibrant green ferns, and wildflowers. The trail passes a group of towering rock outcrops at .85 mile. The hike’s ascent resumes, following the trail through broad switchbacks to reach Foscoe View at just under 1.7 miles. The views from Foscoe View span over the forested valley to the adjacent North Carolina peaks of Snake Mountain, Elk Knob, and The Peak, and onward to Virginia’s highest peak, Mount Rogers. It’s a beautiful view, but the best views are further up Grandfather Mountain’s summit.

Hike the Grandfather Mountain Profile Trail to gorgeous views from the Foscoe View overlook in western NC

Passing Foscoe View, the Profile Trail continues its nearly unrelenting climb of Grandfather’s middle elevations, carving through tight switchbacks. The trail passes the Profile Campsite at just under 2 miles, exiting the switchbacks and climbing beside sharp, angular rock outcrops. Stone stairs and wide, level stepping stones navigate through the rocky, moss-covered terrain – one of the best examples of technical trail building we’ve encountered in the South. The trail passes a towering, fractured rock outcrop and a deep cave, switching back to reach Profile View at just over 2 miles.

Grandfather Mountain’s famed profile is visible from the Profile View overlook, a sinister-looking, jagged, face-like outcrop that’s visible through the trees.

Hike to the jagged, face-like profile of Grandfather Mountain on the Profile Trail near Boone, NC

The trail continues its meandering, southbound journey and passes the 2.5-mile marker before arcing to the southeast, climbing through a fragrant stand of fir and leaving the hardwood forest behind. Ferns carpet the forest floor, stretching to reach dappled sunlight in this rocky terrain. The trail reaches its last water source before the summit at Shanty Spring. (The historic spring’s water is cool and clear – but if you’re in need of a refill, be sure to filter or treat the water, as always with backcountry water sources. Our favorite filter is the Sawyer Mini, a lightweight, no-nonsense, compact filter – read our Sawyer Mini filter review for more details.)

From the spring, the trail begins a rocky, rooty, uphill adventure, making a climb over a boulder-filled trail through stands of fragrant fir. The climb is relatively short (just under .3 mile), intense (over large boulders and loose rocks) and challenging (it’s easy to lose your footing on the rocky terrain). Our group, including our trail-savvy Labrador Retriever, made the ascent slowly and carefully, but without any issues. The Profile Trail meets the Grandfather Trail at Calloway Gap, and the hike turns left at the gap, following the Grandfather Trail .4 mile northeast to Calloway Peak.

Hike to stunning Grandfather Mountain views at Watauga View, hiking the Profile Trail through a rocky forest in Western NC

The Grandfather Trail climbs through rocky, wind-swept, high-elevation terrain, dominated by Canadian fir. The hike passes the Grandfather Trail’s 2-mile marker before passing the Cliffside Campsite on trail right. A left turn leads to a rocky, sun-drenched overlook at Watauga View (above photo). The views are exceptional, expanding far onto the horizon, and the blocky rock outcrops make for a great mid-hike resting place to refuel with a snack.

The final stretch to the Calloway Peak summit climbs several short, wooden ladders, ascending eastbound to navigate over the mountain’s enormous, gray rock outcrops. (The ladders require some caution to climb – and our 65# Labrador Retriever pup wasn’t able to conquer them. We took turns scrambling up the ladders to the summit while one waited behind with our four-footed hiking buddy.)

Hike the Profile Trail to the Grandfather Mountain summit, climbing rustic wooden ladders to exceptional summit views at Calloway Peak

Calloway Peak is the highest of the four summits along the Grandfather Mountain ridge, offering incredible views over the rolling fir forests, down the spine of Grandfather’s ridge, down to the Blue Ridge Parkway and out onto the horizon.

Hike the Grandfather Mountain Profile Trail to stunning summit views at Calloway Peak, just off the Blue Ridge Parkway near Banner Elk, NC

Departing Calloway Peak, this out-and-back hike retraces its outbound steps, following the Grandfather Trail to Calloway Gap, and turning right at the gap to descend the orange-blazed Profile Trail to the trailhead. The hike catches another stunning view from Profile View and Foscoe View before dipping back into the stream-filled hardwood forest, reaching the Profile trailhead at just over 6.2 miles and completing the hike.

Nearby adventures at Grandfather Mountain

In the area with energy and daylight left to burn? Hike a short one miler at Rough Ridge, located just off the Blue Ridge Parkway, to stunning views on a rocky, rugged summit. The hike follows the Tanawha Trail through incredibly beautiful, fragile terrain and catches incredible views of Grandfather Mountain and the Linn Cove Viaduct.

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Grandfather Mountain Profile Trail Map, Directions & Details

Grandfather Mountain Profile Trail Map
Grandfather Mountain Profile Trail Map
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Driving Directions


Free parking is available at the trailhead. Permit required (free; fill out the provided form at the trailhead).

GPS Coordinates

36.122078, -81.829375     //     N36 07.321 W81 49.776

Elevation Profile

Grandfather Mountain Profile Trail to Calloway Peak: Elevation Profile
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